Updated March 2023. Please review as some of our requirements have changed.

THREE ROOMS PRESS is inspired by Dada, Punk, and Passion. Are you?


Three Rooms Press publishes full-length (word counts of 65,000+) literary novels, young adult novels, and creative nonfiction. NOTE: At this time we are not accepting submissions for collections of poetry, short stories, or essays.

We are focused on publishing a range of voices and books that more fully reflect the diverse society in which we live. We are particularly interested in publishing work of writers from underrepresented communities in terms of sexual identity, ethnicity, gender, disability, and social mobility. Our press is inspired by diversity, dada, punk, and passion: please keep this in mind when submitting.

To get an idea of the type of work we publish, spend some time with our books to determine whether your work and our list are compatible—and be prepared to write a statement indicating why Three Rooms Press is a perfect fit for your submission.

We are currently most interested in seeing these in our inbox:

  • Authentic stories written from diverse perspectives, across all genres (see Disasterama by Alvin Orloff).
  • YA Fiction with fully realized casts of characters, including female, LGBTQ+, and underrepresented leads (see Quiver by Julia Watts)
  • Unique, brilliant, and extremely well-written punk rock memoirs and biographies (see Punk Avenue by Phil Marcade)
  • Inventive riffs on existing genres, particularly noir and cyberpunk (see Scavenger by Christopher Chambers)
  • Biographies of unusually noteworthy people and events that deserve a place in history books (see BAD: The Autobiography of James Carr)
  • Diversely populated worlds, including those with speculative elements (see The Door to Inferna by Rishab Borah)
  • Imaginative and innovative plots, particularly YA and adult novels exploring friendship and coming-of-age (see Nirvana Is Here by Aaron Hamburger)
  • Reimaginations of folktales, legends, and fables (see Tink and Wendy by Kelly Ann Jacobson)



Send your proposal to submissions@threeroomspress.com and include the following:

  • 1-2 paragraph synopsis of your book
  • Why Three Rooms Press is a good fit for you
  • At least 3-4 similar books published within the past two years
  • A basic marketing plan and a description of how you can contribute to publicity
  • The first three chapters of your book, or at least 50 pages

send a full manuscript at this time. If we’re interested, we’ll ask for it.

We try to respond to every submission we receive, typically within six to eight weeks. If you don’t hear from us within eight weeks, you may assume that your title does not fit our needs at this time. But do feel free to submit other titles in the future.

Good luck, and keep creating.

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