The Greenfather by John Marshall



THE GREENFATHER is the hilarious debut novel from Emmy-nominated comedy writer, John S. Marshall. A shrewd satire for our times, THE GREENFATHERstrikes the heart of current issues of dispute between environmentally aware, organic, green supporters and classic, conservative scofflaws of the crime family genre – all with hysterical results. 

Simon, New York’s top organic grocery store owner has a secret: his dad is the head of one of New York’s biggest mob families. When his dad dies, Simon agrees to head the Family, provided that instead of murder, numbers and other rackets, the mob uses its muscle to enforce green regulations and promote healthy eating habits. At first the mob’s hit men and extortionists resent being pressed into green service, but they soon become Simon’s biggest supporters. Seemingly overnight, the city becomes literally cleaned up. Simon, who had planned on succeeding his dad only temporarily, now finds he likes his new position as the head of the Family. However, the green world doesn’t accept him because he’s running a crime family, and the crime world doesn’t trust him because he’s run afoul of the Feds.

Loosely based on Mario Puzo’s runaway hit The GodfatherTHE GREENFATHER showcases Marshall’s comic dialogue, honed from his years as a writer for late night television. In the grand tradition of classic mob comedy, like Analyze This and Analyze That. THE GREENFATHER is packed with larger than life goons, right-hand men, Feds, and green-fanatics. THE GREENFATHER is one of the funniest books of the year, maybe decade, and will have readers busting a gut on every page.

by John Marshall
Fiction/Satire | 256 pp. / $15.95
978-1-941110-51-5 (trade paper) • 978-1-941110-52-2 (ebook)
Publication date: May 16, 2017

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High Praise for The Greenfather 

“A gloriously silly work in the grand tradition of mob comedy that goes all the way back to Billy Wilder’s Some Like it Hot– Tony Hendra, National Lampoon 

“The amazing John Marshall hilariously captures ‘family’ dynamics with something I thought impossible- a brilliant new twist” – Lizz Winstead, Co-Creator, The Daily Show

“[John Marshall’s] debut novel, the Greenfather, is an absolute gem! I just finished it and can’t wait to read it again and again!” – Adam Wade, 20-Time Moth Campion.