THE FACE OF THE WATERS by Robert Silverberg



“This is hard sci-fi done right.”  Publishers Weekly

“Full of memorable characters and images that will long linger in your memory, this is one of the enduring classics of science fiction.” —George R.R. Martin

Deep in the future, natives of the planet Hydros, an ocean planet whose inhabitants live on artificial floating islands, force the entire human population of the island of Sorve into exile, leaving the outcasts to ponder their fate, their past, and the true purpose of humanity.

After a human offense against the natives of Hydros, the human population of the island of Sorve are ordered to leave. Forbidden on all other islands, in a flotilla of ships they seek the semi-mythical island of the Face of the Waters. During their journey they are forced to learn more about themselves, leading to questions about both religion and the purpose of Man. At the end of the novel Robert Silverberg addresses what it means to be human, and explores what unites and divides humanity. This new edition of THE FACE OF THE WATERS, published with the author’s full support, brings Silverberg’s brilliant novel back into the must-read science-fiction canon, after decades of being out of print.

THE FACE OF THE WATERS: A Novel, by Robert Silverberg

ISBN: 978-1-953103-27-7; $15; October 11, 2022; 386 pages;
Three Rooms Press; Trade Paper Original

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Past Praise for Robert Silverberg

“In the field of science fiction, Silverberg occupies a place in the highest echelon. His work is distinguished by elegance of style, intellectual precision, and far-reaching imagination.” —Jack Vance

“Robert Silverberg is our best . . . Time and time again he has expanded the parameters of science fiction.” ―The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

“One of science fiction’s modern masters . . . His words and his work have shaped the whole direction of the field.” ―Chicago Sun-Times

“Done Silverberg’s way, science fiction is a fine art.” ―Associated Press

“The John Updike of science fiction.” ―The New York Times Book Review

“A master of his craft and imagination.” ―Los Angeles Times

About the Author

ROBERT SILVERBERG is a giant in the science-fiction genre, with four Hugo Awards and six Nebula Awards to his name. He was inducted into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame in 1999 and named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Guild in 2005. His short story “Needle in a Timestack” was adapted for the screen by Oscar-winning writer John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) in 2021, and additional projects are slated to finally bring more Silverberg writing to the screen. He lives in Oakland, California.