Ism Is a Retrovirus by Matthew Hupert



Ism is a Retrovirus by Matthew Hupert (Three Rooms Press) is a rock solid collection of 87 poems that examine life, lust, love, religion and politics in a word play phantasmagoria in which, according to poet Dean Kostos, “sound is meaning and syntax is thrummed like strings on a guitar.” A native New Yorker, Hupert probes his subjects like an true urbanite—in short, accessible works that seem like passing glances, yet resonate and bring increasing pleasure on multiple readings. Mondo 2000 editor R.U. Sirius raves, “Matthew Hupert had me at ‘shell my pistachio eyes.'” Beat Generation and Grateful Dead  historian Dennis McNally enthusiastically applauds Hupert’s writing: “He sees how the words work, listens to them working, feels their meaning and spits ’em out. I love his poetry.” Funny, insightful and to the point, Matthew Hupert’s Ism is a Retrovirus is a song in a true modern American style praising beauty and grit of life with new insights in a determined, fresh voice.

ISM IS A RETROVIRUS, poems by Matthew Hupert; 6″ x 9″ Trade Paper; 124 pages; ISBN 978-0-984070-08-4  (TRP-009); $15.00, January 2011


About Matthew Hupert

Matthew Hupert reading

Matthew Hupert is the founder of NeuroNautic Institute and Press. He has 2 full length collections, Ism is a Retrovirus (Three Rooms Press-2011) and Secular Pantheism (NeuroNautic Press-2019) plus several chapbooks. He’s appeared in Midstream Magazine, Maintenant Dada journal, and Sonnets: 150 Contemporary Sonnets (2005) Matthew hosts the annual NY poets reading, Night in the Naked City, and the Monthly series NeuroNautic Institute Presents. He lives in New York City.