A YEAR ON FACEBOOK by Peter Carlaftes


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Groucho Marx meets Kurt Vonnegut and they become BFFs in this irreverent, hilarious new book.

A Year on Facebook is a comical trajectory through modern American life via daily updates from the insightful and irreverent pontiff of pun—Peter Carlaftes. In this day of the tell-all journal, Carlaftes’s book, exposing the foibles of our seemingly civilized sensibility, tells both how — and like — it is. Iconic from conception, A Year on Facebook is a one of a kind literary experience that raises the bar for the idealist in us all. Through the hysterical daily Facebook status updates of the author— who became a viral Jonathan Swift through his irreverent social, political and just plain “out-there” observations—A Year on Facebook provides an hilarious book to thumb through at random or read page-by-ROTFL-page. It’s packed with side-splitting illustrations, and “interactive” pages that provide a multimedia experience for the reader in combination with the book’s namesake website.

As a book that tracks the early years of social media, when posts were irreverent, fun and often non-political, this is a valuable document not only for its brilliant humor, but also for a look back at what could have been, had social media been driven more by wit than trolls.

A Year on Facebook by Peter Carlaftes, Three Rooms Press
ISBN: 978-0-9840700-3-9, $13.95, 6” x 9”, Territory: WE, 184 Pages,  January 2010, Trade Paper, Humor/Pop Culture/Social Networking