Maintenant 4

MAINTENANT4, a journal of contemporary dada literature and art, is published. This journal represents a broad range of work from an international group of poets and artists, all inspired by the tenets of the original dada movement of the early 20th century.

Maintenant4 is named in honor of the mother of all dada magazines and all ’zines in general, Maintenant, edited by the man who inspired the dada movement before Breton’s infamous manifesto against manifestos existed: Arthur Cravan. This issue is dedicated to his enduring legacy.

The creative energy in the face of aversion which inspired the original dada movement is in full use by neo-dadaists presented on these pages. It’s a diverse group, and somewhat disconnected. Several contributors and curious parties have been shocked to discover that they were not the only ones interested in rekindling the dada spirit. It is time. It is not time. Dada is dead. Long live dada. With a nod to those who came before, and an embrace of all that is to come, we offer Maintenant4.

Enjoy it and pass it on. In the interest of keeping face to face communication alive, Maintenant4 is available only in printed form so please share your copy with another human being. At its heart, Maintenant4 is really about exploring what it is to be human, and daring to expose the limitless possibilities which—against all odds—continue to be discovered by daring artists and writers of our time, of all time, of now.

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Maintenant 4

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