by Sarah Ingerson, Editorial Assistant, Three Rooms Press

Keith Gandal, Professor Co-Director, MFA in Creative Writing

Keith Gandal, Professor
Co-Director, MFA in Creative Writing

While we already covered this program, we thought we’d discuss it from another person’s perspective. Here is City College Part Deux.

City College is a hodgepodge, a safe haven for writers from all backgrounds. The program is not about any one voice. It’s about diversity.

So naturally, the program is large. While this limits the program’s ability to follow the more traditional co-op structure, it enables them to do so much more. It is an extremely active program. Seldom does a week go by without several readings from students, professors, and visiting professionals.

It is a true community where students are encouraged to interact with one another and explore new forms. Every genre of writing is accepted from romance to thrillers to literary fiction. Nothing is looked down upon. All forms are welcomed in this supportive environment.

According to Keith Gandal, Co-Director of the MFA Creative Writing Program, people here just want to write. They want to “learn about how things have been expressed…how to take what’s happening and turn it into something the average person can take in.” It is a remarkable opportunity for a budding writer to be immersed in such a nurturing community of peers.

Gandal suggests that anyone interested in joining it should keep one thing in mind. Submit a writing sample that you believe in. Don’t worry about what you think the committee wants to read. Just worry about what you want to write. In a community like this one, there is no incorrect form. Everything is judged on its own terms.

For more information on the MFA of Creative Writing program at City College of New York, click here.

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