Where do the most interesting writers of today come from? The answer varies. Naturally, the most important uniting feature of all successful writers is that they actually write. And write. And write. But being prolific does not in-and-of-itself create interesting writers–writers who are blazing new trails in understanding of human nature, in form and style, in strength of originality, in fearlessness on dealing with controversial topics. Three Rooms Press is committed to finding and publishing these types of writers, and in our new Creative Spotlight section, we’ll turn the spotlight to some of the places that new writers are discovering and honing their voices.

In this section, Three Rooms Press will highlight programs that focus on inspiring new writers. We’ll feature articles on the folks who run college and university writing programs, explore unique urban writing groups, post recommendations for best places to write in public settings, and offer suggestions for people who are interested in learning more about the craft of writing.

We’re definitely open to suggestions. Do you run a creative writing program that has helped shape the writers of today? Do you organize regular writing workshops? Do you know of a place in your city where writers are welcome to spend time creating in a cafe or library setting? This is the place to share ideas! Contact us via email info-at-threeroomspreee-dot-com and we’ll start exploring your suggestions.

And be sure to check our submission guidelines if you want to share your idea for publication consideration on Three Rooms Press. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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