The Three Rooms Press story begins in 1993 in San Francisco. Founders Kat Georges and Peter Carlaftes were amazed at the amount of great poetry that was read at the terrific underground poetry readings in the Bay Area, at places like Cafe Babar, the Paradise Lounge, and the Albion. In an effort to preserve some of these poems, Kat and Peter started Three Rooms Press and published chapbooks done in a convenient, hip pocket size. After relocating to New York in 2003, they continued to discover cutting-edge poets at underground readings at Cornelia Street Cafe, the Bowery Poetry Club, and later, the Parkside Lounge. The poetry chapbooks continued, and developed into full-length poetry collections, perfect bound, with beautiful layout and design. Currently Three Rooms Press is focusing on expanding its fiction, nonfiction, biography and memoir titles. But poetry remains close to our heart.

Poets with books on Three Rooms Press include:

Hala Alyan, winner of the 2013 Arab-American Book Award for Poetry
Peter Carlaftes
Thomas Fucaloro
Kat Georges
Robert Gibbons
Matthew Hupert
David Lawton
Jane LeCroy
Philip Meersman
Jane Ormerod
Lisa Panepinto
John S. Paul
George Wallace

In addition, Three Rooms Press has published beautifully designed bilingual poetry collections, with notable translations of work by notable poets including:

Thomas Bernhard (translated from German by Peter Waugh, forthcoming Fall 2015)
Patrizia Gattaceca (translated from Corsican by Frédérique Mattei-Jordan)
César Vallejo (translated from Spanish by Gerard Malanga)
George Wallace (translated to Greek by Lina Sipitanou)

All books are available directly through this website and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and by special order from your favorite independent bookstore. All Three Rooms Press books are distributed through PGW/Perseus.

Bookstore and Library Orders: USA, Canada, and Global 

Publishers Group West / Perseus
1700 Fourth Street
Berkeley, California 94710
Phone 510-809-3700
Fax 510-809-3777
http://pgw.com | info@pgw.com

Academic  Orders

Desk copies are available for any book that has been assigned as a primary (not “suggested”) text in a scheduled class for the current or following term and is on order with a bookstore. A complimentary desk copy is provided with the understanding that 15 or more copies of the book will be bought by students in the course.

To request a desk copy, please e-mail the request to: info@threeroomspress.com

Please attach a scanned copy of your institution’s letterhead or a standard desk-copy request form, making certain to include your e-mail address, name, title, and position; the name and number of the course in which  the book has been assigned; how many copies of the book have been ordered; on what date; and from which bookstore.


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