In the idyllic town of New River, North Dakota, 16-year-old Ophelia Johnson and six other teens inherit the powers of the old gods—Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Artemis, Apollo, and Ares—and embark on a mission from the Vessel of Destiny to find the missing Fates, restore the Codex, and save the ancient world.

Still grieving the recent and mysterious death of her father, Ophelia begins to unravel the secrets woven into her family’s history as she and her friends plunge into the quest of a lifetime. Armed only with powers they don’t totally understand, Ophelia, Roman, Cassius, Olivia, Alessia, and Baxter are soon immersed in a mythical chess match upon which rests the fate of the universe. As they journey into a world of blood pacts and war, the diverse group members find more than they bargained for, and Ophelia discovers a family tie that might mean the ensuing chaos and destruction is her fault. Of Blood and Lightning is a contemporary YA fantasy (age 14-18) with a gripping and fresh twist on Greek mythology as the ancient pantheon of gods inhabit an ensemble of BIPOC and queer teenaged characters.

Of Blood and Lightning A Fantasy
by Micki Janae
978-1-953103-44-4 | Trade Paper | Three Rooms Press
$17.00 | 400 pages | 5.5” x 8.25” | TRP-110
Pub date: 10/08/24

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About the Author

Micki Janae is an Alabama-based author, fresh off her debut novel Of Blood and Lightning. Tired of growing up without any representation of young black women in fantasy, Janae took matters into her own hands to craft a compelling novel full of intricate world-building, electrifying storytelling, and diversity. Currently, Janae is studying at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, where she continues her passion for literature and explores visual creativity as a budding filmmaker with an eye on expanding the voices of young Black women in both fields. When she’s not reading or writing, Janae enjoys watching Netflix with her dog, Dexter.


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