by Kelly Ann Jacobson

“Most Anticipated Young Adult Books 2023”—LGBTQ Reads

“This lightning-paced novel is addictive for any misfit who’s felt lost and angry, who hankers after a little bit – okay, a whole lot – of revenge.” —Lucy Jane Bledsoe, author No Stopping Us Now

In this complete reimagining of the Robin Hood legend, the “merry men” are a roving gang of fiercely unique queer female bikers, street racers, and thieves, whose leader, Robin, drives them from a life of greed to a pledge to “steal from the rich” and give back to queer girls in need of help.

Robin and her four Misfits—Little John, White Rabbit, Daisy Chain, and Skillet—have run away from their families in order to live off the grid on their own terms. For a while, they’re hidden, safe, and happy as they commit petty crimes that provide enough to get by. Until one mission changes everything … READ MORE





by Jessamyn Violet

“Most Anticipated Young Adult Books 2023”—LGBTQ Reads

“Must-Have 2023 Queer Book Releases”—The Nerd Daily

“A colorful story full of hope and wonder, immersing the reader in the near-dystopian dreamscape of the music industry in 1990s Los Angeles–and I know because I lived it.” ―Eva Gardner, bassist for P!NK, Cher, Tegan & Sarah

Acclaimed musician Jessamyn Violet’s debut LGBTQA+ novel sizzles with a coming-of-age story set in an industry of ambition, secrets, lies, and utter joy. Eighteen-year-old Kyla Bell dreams of becoming a professional touring musician, but she gets no support from her parents, who want her to go to college. One night, her dreams are answered. But there’s a big catch … READ MORE




by Ebele Chizea

“Ada’s story, every twist and turn, is worth the trip.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This book is a gem in so many ways.” —Naomi Isted, Award-Winning TV Host

“A dazzling debut novel by a dazzling writer whose storytelling shines as bright and liquid as the African sun.” —Lynn Lipinski, Bloodlines,

In Nigerian-American Ebele Chizea’s stunning debut novel, teenager Ada and her mother flee the civil war of their West African home and come to America in 1966, where Ada soon discovers—and blossoms within—the US counterculture movement, developing a drive for anti-war activism which she takes with her back to Nabuka only to uncover new truths about herself as well as family secrets that threaten to shatter her plans for the future. 

While protesting the Vietnam war in America, Ada forges friendships with other nonconformist youth: free-spirited Stacey, a boisterous hippie, and Sal, a philosophical wanderlust. Soon she seeks independence from her mother, love on her own terms, as well as sexual autonomy. College provides Ada with opportunities for academic success, personal experimentation, and full independence, as well as heartbreak. Despite loss and grief over a decade, Ada’s heart becomes her own true compass and guides her to fully become the leader and activist she’d always been deep inside. READ MORE

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STANDALONE: A Dickie Cornish Mystery
by Christopher Chambers

“Chambers makes the smell and harrowing vibe of the mean streets of the nation’s capital come alive.” —Publishers Weekly

“A well crafted page turner.” —Gary Phillips, One Shot Harry

“STANDALONE’s got a lot to say. Listen up.” —Tracy Clark, Cass Raines Chicago Mystery Series

Dickie Cornish, Washington, DC street denizen turned unlicensed private investigator, is forced at gunpoint to track down the daughter of an ex-con, setting up a chain of events that unleashes a war within the corrupt police force, exposes shocking conduct in child services, and unearths a secret that threatens to tear the nation’s capitol apart.

It’s been over year since that bleak Christmas when a rich man peeled homeless, drug-addled Dickie Cornish from a steam grate, cleaned him up, and convinced him to use his street connections to track down his missing property. Now, as the summer sun bakes those same mean streets, the air is thick with crime, contagion, and corruption. Dickie struggles with sobriety, anti-psychotic meds, and counseling at the VA, but manages to make a meager living as a private investigator with his sidekick, “Stripe”—until an ex-con named Al-Mayadeen Thomas sticks a gun to Dickie’s forehead and kidnaps him to a grim flophouse—a motel filled with squatters more desperate than the poor souls in the shelters. READ MORE

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by Robert Silverberg

“Demonstrates why Silverberg earned the title of SFWA Grand Master in this immersive epic. . . . This is hard sci-fi done right.” —Publishers Weekly

“When Silverberg is at the top of his form, no one is better . . . . This is one of the enduring classics of science fiction.” —George R.R. Martin

“In the field of science fiction, Silverberg occupies a place in the highest echelon.” —Jack Vance

Deep in the future, natives of the planet Hydros, an ocean planet whose inhabitants live on artificial floating islands, force the entire human population of the island of Sorve into exile, leaving the outcasts to ponder their fate, their past, and the true purpose of humanity.

After a human offense against the natives of Hydros, the human population of the island of Sorve are ordered to leave. Forbidden on all other islands, in a flotilla of ships they seek the semi-mythical island of the Face of the Waters. During their journey they are forced to learn more about themselves, leading to questions about both religion and the purpose of Man. At the end of the novel Robert Silverberg addresses what it means to be human, and explores what unites and divides humanity. READ MORE

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MAINTENANT 16: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art
edited by Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges

“A smorgasbord for those who are sick and tired of it.” —Seattle Book Review

“Timely and relevant.” —Tribe LA Magazine

“Proof that Dada is not dead.” —Madjan Magazine (Serbia)

These days you hear a lot about NET ZERO, in reference to steps being taken to combat climate change. NET ZERO refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. At this time, NET ZERO is an ambition lacking absolute definition as corporate energy titans pledge distant adherence without clear or immediate commitments to act. In fact, these so-called “innovative” scions of wealth seem to not even be able to remove the layer of hot air greenhouse gases spewing from the mouths of the pundits and politicos pushing the affirmation of their endlessly pernicious promises. Enter NYET ZERO.

For the first time since debuting in 2008,  MAINTENANT 16 includes work from all seven continents on the planet, with more than 240 creators from 34 countries. The MAINTENANT series gathers the work of internationally-renowned contemporary Dada artists and writers. MAINTENANT 16 features cover art by legendary painter Chuck Connelley. READ MORE

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YIPPIE GIRL: Exploits in Protest and Defeating the FBI
by Judy Gumbo

“Gumbo delivers a sharp-edged memoir of years of protest and resistance . . . A welcome addition to the literature of radical activism in the age of Johnson, Nixon, and beyond.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The best account in existence of what life was like for a woman in the theatrical, goofy, messianic world of the Yippie boys . . . A fun read and a valuable political document, long overdue. It’s cause for celebration.” —Counterpunch

In 1968, a 24-year-old woman moved to Berkeley, California and immediately became enmeshed in the Youth International Party, aka The Yippies, a recently-formed satirical protest group. In the next few years, Judy Gumbo (a nickname given her by Eldridge Cleaver), was soon at the center of counter-cultural activity—from protests in People’s Park, to meetings at Black Panther headquarters, to running a pig for President at the raucous Democratic National Convention in Chicago, a protest that devolved into violent attacks by the police and arrests that led to the notorious Chicago Conspiracy Trial. READ MORE

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by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

“A timeless and triumphant story of courage in the face of opposition, as well as a glimpse into the early days of Title IX’s implementation. Knowledgeable about, and appreciative of, the trailblazers who fought for fairness and equal opportunities for women in sports, No Stopping Us Now is an excellent historical novel.” ―Foreword Reviews (Starred Review)

“The cause is just, the action absorbing, the sexist flack still all too familiar.” —Kirkus Reviews

A powerful, moving story about finding one’s own voice through the joys of sports, love, and the strength of sisterhood. Louisa loves to play basketball, but in 1974, her Portland, Oregon high school only offers a team for boys. An encounter with feminist Gloria Steinem teaches her about Title IX—the law that bans discrimination based on gender—so she asks her principal to start a girls team. Little does she know that she’ll soon be viciously targeted by male coaches at her school, lied to by the school board, and fall in love—a couple of times—as she fights for a fair chance to be an athlete. Based on the author’s true story, it is a compelling examination of the courage it takes to stand up for what’s right. READ MORE

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JAPANTHEM: Counter-Cultural Experiences; Cross-Cultural Remixes
by Jillian Marshall

“In this illuminating debut, Marshall offers an outsider’s look into Japanese culture via its music . . . Throughout, her sharp observations are interspersed with moving moments of introspection . . . This transportive work is a thrilling escape.” Publishers Weekly

Fulbright and mtvU sponsored scholar Jillian Marshall offers honest and often humorous vignettes that delve far beyond Western stereotypes of Japanese culture to portray a society’s deep relationship with music, and what it means to listen and understand as a cultural outsider.

Following a decade of back-and-forth across the Pacific while researching her doctoral thesis in ethnomusicology, JAPANTHEM author Jillian Marshall reveals contemporary Japan through a prism of magic, serendipity, frustration, unique underground culture, learning life lessons the hard way, and an insatiable curiosity for the human spirit. The book’s twenty vignettes — including what it’s like to be subtly bullied by your Buddhist dance teacher, go to a secret rave in woods near Mt. Fuji, meet a pop star at a basement club while tipsy, and experience a nuclear disaster unfold by the minute — are based off first-hand experience, and illustrate music’s fascinating relationship to (Japanese) society with honesty, intelligence, and humor. JAPANTHEM offers a uniquely nuanced portrayal of life in the Land of the Rising Sun — while encouraging us to listen more deeply in (and to) Japan in the process. READ MORE

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by Julia Watts

“Julia Watts doesn’t sugarcoat the problems in contemporary Appalachia, but she also writes with big-hearted generosity and love. Kody, the gay sixteen-year-old protagonist, is sensitive, funny, and kind. I wish I’d had this book to read when I was young. Plus, Dolly Parton and dogs―what’s not to love?” ―Carter Sickels, author, The Prettiest Star

“Watts’ latest contemporary Appalachian story movingly melds identity exploration with more prominent themes of addiction, family, faith, and racism. . . . The overall tone is hopeful―not unlike a Dolly Parton song itself.” ―Kirkus Reviews

Eight Queer Young Adult Books Coming this Fall–LAMBDA Literary

In rural Kentucky, a sixteen-year-old boy with a love of quilting, cooking and Dolly Parton helps his grandma care for his opioid-addicted mother, until the discovery of a family secret upends everything he has ever believed. While other sixteen-year-old boys in Morgan, Kentucky, love hunting and football, Kody prefers to spend his time quilting with his grandmother (“Nanny”), watching Golden Girls reruns, and listening to old Dolly Parton albums. Nanny is Kody’s main caregiver, but it takes both Nanny and Kody to take care of Kody’s mother, whose drug problem is spinning out of control. Between looking after Mommy and trying to survive in a place that doesn’t look kindly on feminine boys, Kody already has a hard time making sense of his life. But then he uncovers a family secret that will change everything in his life. READ MORE


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by Kelly Ann Jacobson

“Queer readers such as myself who spent their childhoods escaping into the fantastical worlds of Oz and Neverland will delight in Kelly Ann Jacobson’s Tink and Wendy…News flash: It’s not all about the boys anymore!” —Julia Watts, author, Quiverand Needlework

“Jacobson breathes new life into traditional Peter Pan lore… Tink and Wendy is a delight for fans of Peter Pan.” –Tara Campbell, author, Cabinet of Wrath: A Doll Collection

What happens when Tinker Bell is in love with both Peter Pan and Wendy? In this sparkling re-imagining of Peter Pan, Peter and Wendy’s granddaughter Hope Darling finds the reclusive Tinker Bell squatting at the Darling mansion in order to care for the graves of her two lost friends after a love triangle gone awry. As Hope wins the fairy’s trust, Tink tells her the truth about Wendy and Peter―and her own role in their ultimate fate. Told in three alternating perspectives―past, present, and excerpts from a book called Neverland: A History, written by Tink’s own fairy godmother―this queer adaptation is for anyone who has ever wondered if there might have been more to the story of Tinker Bell and the rest of the Peter Pan legend. READ MORE


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EVERYTHING IS JAKE: A T. R. Softly Detective Novel
by Jethro K. Lieberman

“Lively . . . Witty prose complement the clever plotting.” —Publishers Weekly

“Prolific lawyer and retired law professor Lieberman’s first solo novel is a whimsical tale of a secret plot to make seriously bad guys incriminate themselves…A broad, sweetly fantastical satire just perfect for readers in the mood.” —Kirkus Reviews

A federal plea deal in Manhattan goes off the rails when a mob boss inexplicably recants his testimony days after voluntarily confessing to a lifetime of crime, and immediately, an FBI agent involved with the case goes missing. To find out what happened, the Feds call in T. R. Softly, detective fiction’s newest and most intuitive sleuth. Softly’s search takes him to Washington, D.C., where the “oddest of the forty-odd presidents of the United States” is suddenly laying plans to evaporate the U.S. government, as assassination rumors percolate in dark corners. Co-opted into partnering with a secret government agency, Softly struggles to understand how many games are being played and by whom. Is he master of his fate or has he been the unwitting agent of friends and foe? A twisting, rollicking tale that enthralls readers until the last page. READ MORE


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by Stephen Spotte

“A sprightly tale that finds two attorneys in medieval France matching wits over a triptych of unusual cases. . . . This medieval comedy smacks of Monty Python’s bawdy and mischievous sense of humor.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Threaded with unique and sardonic humor, full and powerful, ANIMAL WRONGS is an off-beat exploration of human nature.” Ed Ricciuti, author, Bears in the Backyard

Historical fiction and preposterous legal arguments intertwine in Stephen Spotte’s electric new novel Animal Wrongs, set in a medieval French courtroom where animals are put on trial for “crimes” against mankind. Sixteenth-century lawyers fill the air with bluster, heckled and cheered by spectators as they defend or prosecute accused animals facing penalties of being hanged or burned alive at the stake. Spotte deftly unveils a story of opposing attorneys facing off against each other in ever-more opaque, convoluted, and dilatory trials. By the end of this novel, Spotte uses his considerable, critically-acclaimed storytelling skills to explore still-relevent theories on legal precedent, the church vs. the state, mankind’s place in nature, and animal rights. READ MORE


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FAR AWAY FROM CLOSE TO HOME: A Black Millennial Woman in Progress
Essays by Vanessa Baden Kelly

“Vivid and relatable … like Vanessa herself—funny, charming, and brave.” —Mindy Kaling

“Her writing proves her courage … One of the great voices of her generation.” –Ben Crump, Civil Rights Attorney

“A powerful collection.” –Publishers Weekly

Through a series of extraordinary, incisive, often-humorous essays, Emmy-award nominated actress Vanessa Baden examines what the idea of “home” means to a Black millennial woman. What are the consequences of gentrification on the life of a young Black woman, and on her ability to raise a family? What does it mean to be part of a lineage, whether it be passed down through names or through the voices of generations of writers and thinkers? In these profound, intimate essays, Baden has found a space where she can work out thoughts and feelings she feels unsafe saying out loud. As she processes the initial ideas more fully, her essays evolve from personal stories to fully-realized communiques of a generation of Black women who are finding a new sense of both belonging and ostracism in private, work, and public life. Underlying the theme of each essay are questions of how a Black millennial woman can find “home” anywhere when confronted with its invasion by police, men, and society’s expectations. READ MORE


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