CELESTIAL MECHANICS author William Least Heat-Moon interviewed in Foreword Reviews

Share This! by The new issue of the trade publication FOREWORD REVIEWS offers an insightful interview by Executive Editor Howard Levy with CELESTIAL MECHANICS author William Least Heat-Moon. The author discusses how his travel nonfiction informed his fiction writing, and … Continue reading →

Writing a Blue Highways of the Mind: An Exclusive Interview with Author William Least Heat-Moon

Share This! by William Least Heat-Moon on technology, ethics, and the need for new answers in a world of deep division Word is getting out that this April, renowned NYT Bestselling author of Blue Highways, William Least Heat-Moon, will see publication of … Continue reading →

What Would Robert Silverberg Do? An Exclusive Interview with the Sci-Fi Master

Share This! by by Peter Carlaftes In light of the coming Trumpocalypse, Three Rooms Press co-director Peter Carlaftes asked multi-Hugo and Nebula award winning author, Science Fiction Grand Master, and editor of our current blockbuster anthology THIS WAY TO THE END TIMES Robert Silverberg a … Continue reading →


Share This! by THE GHOST OF DADA FUTURE 3RP’s Peter Carlaftes interviews Andrei Codrescu On the advent of the City Lights Dada World Fair in San Francisco, we asked NPR icon, Dada scholar, and MAINTENANT 10 contributor Andrei Codrescu a … Continue reading →

Noir + Music: An Interview with CRIME PLUS MUSIC editor Jim Fusilli

Share This! by Noir + Music + Jim Fusilli  An Interview with the editor of Crime + Music It may be summer, but here at Three Rooms Press we are already digging into autumn, fully immersed in putting the finishing … Continue reading →

A Renaissance Woman: An Interview with Publisher, Poet, and Designer Extraordinaire Kat Georges

Share This! by by Constance Renfrow We at Three Rooms Press rang in the New Year with plenty of fanfare, literary joie de vivre, and rocking good music, and now we’re keeping up the excitement for 2016 with some exquisite … Continue reading →

A Life of Words: A Conversation with 3RP Editor, Poet, Novelist, and Victorianist Constance Renfrow

Share This! by   by Kat Georges Sometimes there’s magic. That’s how Three Rooms Press co-directors Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges felt when we were fortunate enough to start working with poet, novelist, editor, and all-around brilliant person, Constance Renfrow. … Continue reading →

Mwa ha ha! All Your Ron Dakron Are Ours.

Share This! by An Interview with Ron Dakron —Constance Renfrow Let’s face facts. It’s still winter, no one wants to leave the subtropical climate of their apartment building, and [insert your favorite TV show here] probably just came to a … Continue reading →

Snowstorms, Punk Rock, and Swing State with Michael T. Fournier

Share This! by An Interview with Michael T. Fournier —Constance Renfrow During this most recent Snowpocalypse, Three Rooms Press has livelier things to do than prep for TEOTWAKI. We’re keeping off the streets (like our mayor told us to) with … Continue reading →