Maintenant 13: Contemporary Dada Art & Writing


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The art movement known as “Dada” began in response to the horrors of World War I as a artistic rejection of logic, reason, and aesthetics of capitalist society. The movement has continued since 1915 in various disguises—Beat, Pop, Punk—and it continues today, as evidenced in Three Rooms Press’ ongoing MAINTENANT contemporary dada journal series.

Maintenant 13:

A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art

edited by Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges

“A smorgasbord for those who are sick and tired of it.”—Portland Book Review

If you think artificial intelligence will mark the end of humanity, think again. Look at the world. Where is the intelligence? Lying is the norm. Incompetence is rampant. Information is soiled with whatever spin foots the bill. Time to concentrate on exposing the ignorance. And that is exactly what happens in Three Rooms Press’ new Dada journal, MAINTENANT 13: A JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY DADA WRITING AND ART (978-1-941110-79-9, 220 pages, Three Rooms Press, June 4, 2019; $19.95).

In MAINTENANT 13, the theme of “A.I.: ARTIFICIAL IGNORANCE” is dissected, dismantled, and reassembled in a madcap assemblage of more than 200 Dada artists and writers from 26 countries, bringing to life Dada founder Tristan Tzara’s dream of a global collection of Dada creations. This edition is highlighted by cover art from internationally-renowned painter and collagist Fred Tomaselli, and includes new work by U.S. artists Raymond Pettibon, Bob Branaman, and Heide Hatry; international intermedia artists Giovanni Fontana, Henrik Aeshna, and Susan Shup; as well as literary provocateurs Jack Hirschman, Charles Plymell, Iulia Militaru, and Andrei Codrescu. Other highly-regarded performance, visual, and literary artists include cutting-edge MIT Press art and architecture editor Roger Conover, Belgian graphic artist Renaat Ramon, Russian photographer and philosopher Irene Caesar, Los Angeles poet-actor S. A. Griffin, Bilbao-based performance artist Fausto Grossi, and many more.

MAINTENANT 13 taps into Dada’s capacity as a “final frontier” for rebel artists. The theme gives contributors the opportunity to expose, identify, retaliate, overcome, and react to the inherent anti-human under-pinnings of the profit-driven rush to give machines control of the world. Each creation is a protest against the algorithms that take away our humanity, privacy, and control of our own destinies—a manifesto emphatically asserting that individual life still has value, and will never be completely controlled or known, because imagination is human: it will forever remain out of the grasp of artificial anything.

The MAINTENANT series, established in 2008, gathers the work of renowned and emerging dada artists and writers from around the world. The series has been archived in leading international institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art–New York, the BelVUE Museum–Brussels, and more. Renowned contributors have included artists Mark Kostabi, Raymond Pettibon, Giovanni Fontana, Jean-Jacques Lebel, and Kazunori Murakami. Writers have included Allen Ginsberg, Gerard Malanga, Charles Plymell, Jerome Rothenberg, and more, with a strong contingent of punk musician-artist-writers including Grant Hart, Mike Watt, Exene Cervenka, Alice Bag, and Thurston Moore.

Maintenant 13: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Art and Writing
ISBN: 978-1-941110-79-9; 6.75″ x 9.625″, 212 pages, Trade Paper; Retail $19.95
Publication date: Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Complete list of contributors to Maintenant 13 (in alphabetical order):

Derek Adams, Susan “Shoshannah” Adler, Henrik Aeshna, Mariam Ahmed, Jamika Ajalon, Linda J. Albertano, Joel Allegretti, Kit Alloway, Sangeetha Alwar, Joshua Amaya, Penny Arcade, Faithfull Baana Enono Arnaud, Wayne Atherton, Mahnaz Badihian, Vittore Baroni, Amy Bassin, Mary Beach, Carla Bertola, Volodymyr Bilyk, József Bíró, Mark Blickley, Robert Branaman, Meagan Brothers, Imanol Buisan, Fork Burke, Irene Caesar, Billy Cancel, Peter Carlaftes, Mona Jean Cedar, Robert Cenedella, Exene Cervenka, Neeli Cherkovski, Hal Citron, Andrei Codrescu, Terese Coe, Giuseppe Colarusso, Roger Conover, Malik Crumpler, Pál Csaba, Tchello D’Barros, Steve Dalachinsky, Allison Davis, Holly Day, Bart DeWolf, Claire Doble, Bruce Louis Dodson, Sam Dodson, Gabriel Don, Carol Dorf, Lala Drona, Robert Duncan, Nicole Eisenman, Kellyn Elson, Alejandro Escude, Jeff Farr, Becky Fawcett, Rich Ferguson, Cheryl J. Fish, Giovanni Fontana, Robert Ford, Thomas Fucaloro, Ignacio Galilea, Rosalie Gancie, Sandra Gea, Kat Georges, Christian Georgescu, Robert Gibbons, Gordon Gilbert, Jon Andoni Goikoetea, S.A. Griffin, Fausto Grossi, Egon Guenther, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Elancharan Gunasekaran, Bibbe Hansen, Heide Hatry, Aimee Herman, Mara P. Hernandez, Karen Hildebrand, Jack Hirschman, Mark Hoefer, Bob Holman, Lawrence Holzworth, JC Hopkins, Joel Hubaut, Matthew Hupert, Alfonso Iandiorio, Jonathan Peter Jackson, Mathias Jansson, Astoria Jellett, Boni Joi, Milana Juventa, Dobrica Kamperelic, VinZula Kara, Adeena Karasick, Allan Kausch, Marina Kazakova, Craig Kite, Antonia Alexandra Klimenko, Doug Knott, Ron Kolm, Gregory Kolm, Mark Kostabi, Paweł Kuczyński, Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Edward Kulemin, Alison Kurke, David Lawton, Pascale Le Bihan, Ronna Lebo, Jane LeCroy, Patricia Leonard, Linda Lerner, Verneda Lights, Alexander Limarev, Adrian Lis, Mark Lloyd, Madison Luetge, Sophie Malleret, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Phil Marcade, Fred Marchant, Malak Mattar, John Mazzei, Imani Waters McCalla, Joan McNerney, Iulia Milataru, Lois Kagan Mingus, Charles Mingus III, Andriana Minou, Aida Miró, Julian Mithra, Simphiwe Gavin Mndawe, Richard Modiano, Mike M. Mollett, Thurston Moore, Larry Myers, Gerald Nicosia, Harry E. Northup, Anna O’Meara, Valery Oisteanu, Ruth Oisteanu, Suzi Kaplan Olmsted, Marc Olmsted, Jane Ormerod, Yuko Otomo, Lisa Panepinto, Pamela Papino-Wood, Gay Pasley, John S. Paul, Claude Pélieu, Puma Perl, Pawel Petasz, Robert W. Petrick, Raymond Pettibon, Jörg Piringer, Charles Plymell, Renaat Ramon, Kathleen Reichelt, Mado Reznik, Travis Richardson, Wes Rickert, György Rőczei, Alan Russo, Martina Salisbury, Phil Scalia, William Seaton, Jack Seiei, Santa Semeli, Silvio Severino, Craig Shannon, Susan Shup, Elly Simmons, Angela Sloan, Orchid Spangiafora, DD. Spungin, Phillip T. Stephens, Christine Sloan Stoddard, Thomas Stolmar, Richard Stone, W. K. Stratton, Lucien Suel, Daina Surrealism, Neal Skooter Taylor, Michael Thompson, Jeff Tocci, Fred Tomaselli, John J. Trause, Ann Firestone Ungar, Yrik Valentonis, Luca Vallino, Anoek Van Praag, Laki Vazakas, Barbara Vos, Duska Vrhovac, Silvia Wagensberg, George Wallace, Scott Wannberg, Mike Watt, Ingrid Wendt, Syporca Whandal, Maw Shein Win, A. D. Winans, Francine Witte, Charles Yuen, Lorene Zarou-Zouzounis, Larry Zdeb, Nina Zivancevic, Joanie HF Zosike


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