Maintenant 12: Contemporary Dada Art & Writing

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The art movement known as “Dada” began in response to the horrors of World War I as a artistic rejection of logic, reason, and aesthetics of capitalist society. The movement has continued since 1915 in various disguises—Beat, Pop, Punk—and it continues today, as evidenced in Three Rooms Press’ ongoing MAINTENANT contemporary dada journal series.

The new issue, MAINTENANT 12: A JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY DADA WRITING AND ART (978-1941110652, 200 pages, Three Rooms Press, June 5, 2018, $19.95), features work that explores the theme “We Are All A ‘Like.'” With the rise in social media use—and abuse—the concept of “like” has reached whole new levels. There’s the idea of an individual’s reaction to events, people, images, etc. as a reduction to “Like” or “Dislike” without need for deeper consideration. Then there is the status factor: that something which is “Liked” by the largest number of people is of value. The concept, while simple, has innumerable ways of looking at it.

MAINTENANT 12 features provocative cover art by MacArthur Fellow artist Nicole Eisenman. Inside, the work of nearly 200 artists and writers from six continents storms the pages.

The MAINTENANT series, established in 2008, gathers the work of renowned and emerging dada artists and writers from around the world. The series has been archived in leading international institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art–New York, the BelVUE Museum–Brussels, and more. Renowned contributors have included artists Mark Kostabi, Raymond Pettibon, Giovanni Fontana, Jean-Jacques Lebel, and Kazunori Murakami. Writers have included Allen Ginsberg, Gerard Malanga, Charles Plymell, Jerome Rothenberg, and more, with a strong contingent of punk musician-artist-writers including Grant Hart, Mike Watt, Exene Cervenka, Alice Bag, and Thurston Moore.

Maintenant 12: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Art and Writing
ISBN: 978-1-941110-65-2; 6.75″ x 9.625″, 200 pages, Trade Paper; Retail $19.95
Publication date: Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Complete list of contributors to Maintenant 11 (in alphabetical order):

Derek Adams, Susan “Shoshannah” Adler, Henrik Aeshna, Haraldur Ágústsson, Jamika Ajalon, Linda J. Albertano, Jan Michael Alejandro, Joel Allegretti, Joshua Amaya, Faithfull Baana Enono Arnaud, Wayne Atherton, Hamza Abu Ayyash, Mahnaz Badihian, Vittore Baroni, Amy Bassin, Mary Beach, Allan Bealy, Beate Bendel, John M. Bennett, Carla Bertola, Barbara Bervoets, Mark Blickley, Gedley Braga, Bob Branaman, Meagan Brothers, Imanol Buisan, Fork Burke, Irene Caesar, Billy Cancel, Angela Caporaso, Peter Carlaftes, Mona Jean Cedar, Bob Cenedella, Mutes César, Neeli Cherkovski, Peter Ciccariello, Andrei Codrescu, Giuseppe Colarusso, Roger Conover, R. Crumb, Malik Crumpler, Raf Cruz, Tchello D’Barros, Steve Dalachinsky, Allison Davis, W. A. Davison, Avelino De Araujo, Laurent Delom, Sam Dodson, Gabriel Don, Carol Dorf, Cathy Dreyer, Joe Dreyer, Robert Duncan, Gil Fagiani, Jeff Farr, Becky Fawcett, Luc Fierens, Giovanni Fontana, Michael C. Ford, Abigail Frankfurt, Thomas Fucaloro, Ignacio Galilea, Sandra Gea, Kat Georges, Christian Georgescu, Gordon Gilbert, Kellye Gray, S. A. Griffin, Fausto Grossi, Genco Gulan, John S. Hall, Bibbe Hansen, Heide Hatry, Aimee Herman, Mara Patricia Hernandez, Karen Hildebrand, Jack Hirschman, Mark Hoefer, Bob Holman, Lawrence Holzworth, Ted Hood, J. C. Hopkins, Joel Hubaut, Alfonso Iandorio, Jonathan Peter Jackson, Ruud Janssen, Mathias Jansson, Boni Joi, Dobrica Kamperelić, Marina Kazakova, Antonia Alexandra Klimenko, Doug Knott, Ron Kolm, Mark Kostabi, Ksenija Kovačević, Paweł Kuczyński, Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Edward Kulemin, David Lawton, Pascale Le Bihan, Jane LeCroy, Patricia Leonard, Linda Lerner, Alexander Limarev, Adrian Lis, Jaan Malin, Sophie Malleret, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Phil Marcade, Fred Marchant, Malak Matar, Geena Matuson, John Mazzei, R. S. Mengert, Iulia Militaru, Lois Kagan Mingus, Charles Mingus III, Richard Modiano, Mike M. Mollett, Thurston Moore, Adrienne Moumin, Franklin Nnanna, Harry E. Northup, Anna O’Meara, Valery Oisteanu, Ruth Oisteanu, Marc Olmsted, Suzi Kaplan Olmsted, John Olson, Jane Ormerod, Csaba Pal, Pamela Papino-Wood, Gay Pasley, John S. Paul, Majo Pavlovic, Claude Pélieu, Puma Perl, Pawel Petasz, Robert Petrick, Raymond Pettibon, philipkevinbrehse, Jörg Piringer, Charles Plymell, Anoek Van Praag, Renaat Ramon, Kathleen Reichelt, Mado Reznik, Wes Rickert, Bill Roberts, György Rőczei, Bradley Rubenstein, Martina Salisbury, Gerard Sarnat, Phil Scalia, William Seaton, Santa Semeli, Susan Shup, Deborah Sibbald, Bertholdus Sibum, Paul Siegell, Elly Simmons, Katherine Sloan, Valerie Sofranko, Orchid Spangiafora, DD. Spungin, Laurie Steelink, Christine Stoddard, Richard Stone, W. K. Stratton, Daina Surrealism, Neal Skooter Taylor, Glenn Todd, Zev Torres, John J. Trause, Tristan Tzara, Ann Firestone Ungar, Luca Vallino, Nico Vassilakis, Voxx Voltair, Barbara Vos, Duska Vrhovac, Silvia Wagensberg, George Wallace, Scott Wannberg, Mike Watt, Poul R. Weile, Michelle Whittaker, Maw Shein Win, A. D. Winans, Marko Zavišić, Larry Zdeb, Joanie H. F. Zosike, Yuri Zupancic

1 review for Maintenant 12: Contemporary Dada Art & Writing

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lynnea Villanova

    This is an astounding compendium of meditations on what it means to really, versus virtually, support someone. Each page describes another facet of the differences you’ve felt between “likes” appearing on a page and those transpiring in same-space/time interactions. Such a collection of so many of our best artists and writers is a rare treat.

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