Auld Irishtown Bundle



Our Auld Irishtown bundle offers savings on the first two books of author Eamon Loingsigh’s fantastic Auld Irishtown trilogy: Light of the Diddicoy and Exile on Bridge Street.

About the books:
LIGHT OF THE DIDDICOY is the brutal saga of Irish-American gangs on the Brooklyn waterfront in the early part of the twentieth century, told through the eyes of Irish immigrant Liam Garrity. Forced at age 14 to travel alone to America on the eve of the 1916 Easter Rising, Garrity stumbles directly into the hard-knock streets of the Brooklyn pier neighborhoods run by Bridge District gang The White Hand. In the industrialized enclaves where Famine Irish settled a generation earlier, Garrity has no choice but to use any means necessary to survive within the clan-like loyalties of the gang, and carve out his place in a no-holds-barred world of a community living outside the law.

With taut writing by a master of historical fiction, EXILE ON BRIDGE STREET relates Liam’s compelling personal story against a background of NYC’s brawling streets, Brooklyn Irish waterfront gangs, an influenza epidemic, the rest of Italian organized crime, and the start of American involvement in World War I. EXILE is part two of the Auld Irishtown trilogy, yet it can be read as a standalone book as well.

This exclusive bundle is available only through Three Rooms Press during October 2017.