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Meet Rishab Borah, Author of Door to Inferna
Jan 28 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

 Do you want to write, but maybe you thought you were too young?

Join our conversation with Rishab Borah and learn about his writing process and how he turned an imaginative world into a published novel.  

 Rishab Borah is a junior at Homestead High School in California and a young fantasy sci-fi author. He has created the fantastic world of Elkloria where magic and science come together to achieve amazing feats. His first novel on the Elkloria series, The Door To Inferna is recently published by the Three Rooms Press.

THE DOOR TO INFERNA is a middle-grade story (ages 11-16) that creates a fantasy world as fully realized as those of Rick Riordan or Tamora Pierce. Elkloria draws on Borah’s interest in mythology, science, and linguistics as well as the imaginative lands he and his friends once inhabited in play―open to all to explore