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Stories by Robert Silverberg

with an introduction by John Scalzi

First-Person Singularities
Stories by Robert Silverberg

“An intimate collection not only because first-person centers the reader in a character’s head but because we see growth and mastery, pulp and art, enthusiasm and cynicism, all in their time, all showing us Robert Silverberg in his time. It’s still Robert Silverberg’s time.” —from the Introduction by John Scalzi, author, Old Man’s War

“Robert Silverberg is our best . . . Time and time again he has expanded the parameters of science fiction.” —The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

“The John Updike of science fiction.” —The New York Times Book Review

FIRST-PERSON SINGULARITIES (978-1-941110-63-8; Trade Paper, 418 Pages, October 31, 2017; $19.95) by science fiction Grand Master ROBERT SILVERBERG features eighteen tales written over the course of his long career, all told in the first-person singular. Inspired by W. Somerset Maugham’s Six Stories Written in the First Person Singular, Silverberg takes on the challenge, offering up his own unique sci-fi twists and “running the gambit of singularity.”

Each story in FIRST-PERSON SINGULARITIES offers a one-of-a-kind narrator: a dolphin feeling the pangs of love for a human being; a computer eager to convince us of its sanity; a Greek good who has surreptitiously survived into modern times; an alien visitor living in disguise in a New York City hotel. Even a pudgy, timid Henry James gets the Silverberg treatment as the witness/narrator of H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds. Each story features a special introduction by Silverberg, providing the inside scoop on his experience writing for, and publishing with, the greatest science fiction magazines of the past and present.

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FIRST-PERSON SINGULARITIES includes an introduction by Hugo-award winning sci-fi author John Scalzi (Old Man’s War series), who notes that the full range of Silverberg’s mastery is in evidence here. “Scrapper, artist, titan, icon: All of these Robert Silverbergs existed. How can I, or any reader who was not themselves a contemporary of Bob, experience each of these Silverbergs? One way, I would argue, is in the book you hold in your hands right now.”

FIRST-PERSON SINGULARITIES: Stories by Robert Silverberg ISBN: 978-1-941110-63-8 Trade Paperback; ISBN: 978-1-941110-64-5 ebook; 464 pages; $19.95 Publication date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Table Of Contents

The “I”S of Robert Silverberg: An Introduction by John Scalzi
Foreword by Robert Silverberg
Ishmael in Love
Going Down Smooth
The Reality Trip
The Songs of Summer
The Martian Invasion Journals of Henry James
Push No More
House of Bones
Call Me Titan
Our Lady Of The Sauropods
There Was an Old Woman
The Dybbuk of Mazel Tov Iv
Now Plus N, Now Minus N
The Iron Star
The Science Fiction Hall of Fame
To See The Invisible Man
The Secret Sharer

About the Author

ROBERT SILVERBERG is one of the giants of the sci-fi genre, with four Hugo Awards and six Nebula Awards to his name. He was inducted into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame in 1999 and named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasty Writers of America Guild in 2005. He is best known for his Majipoor series of novels and stories, as well as the Nebula-winning A Time of Changes, Nightwings, Across a Billion Years, The World Inside, Dying Inside, and many others.

Lately, Silverberg has been experiencing renewed interest in his work. His short story “Needle in a Timestack” is slated to be adapted for an upcoming film by Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave director John Ridley. In addition, his story “How It Was When the Past Went Away” has been optioned for film by Temple Hill Entertainment, which also produced Twilight.

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