A Life of Words: A Conversation with 3RP Editor, Poet, Novelist, and Victorianist Constance Renfrow

Share This! by   by Kat Georges Sometimes there’s magic. That’s how Three Rooms Press co-directors Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges felt when we were fortunate enough to start working with poet, novelist, editor, and all-around brilliant person, Constance Renfrow. … Continue reading →

The Writer’s Life: Author Richard Vetere Reveals Secrets of Writing His Forthcoming Novel Champagne and Cocaine

Share This! by November is upon us once more—the month of Thanksgiving! We at 3RP are thankful for a plethora of things—like getting to work with veteran author and playwright, Richard Vetere. Vetere is the author of The Writers Afterlife … Continue reading →

The Living Theatre and the Making of FULL MOON STAGES

Share This! by An Interview with Thomas Walker By Constance Renfrow In celebration of the upcoming release of Judith Malina’s (1926–2015) Full Moon Stages: 50 Years of Personal Notes from The Living Theatre (November 2015, 978-1941110256, $18.95), we sat down … Continue reading →

Talking Irish–American History and Exile on Bridge Street

Share This! by An Interview with Eamon Loingsigh by Constance Renfrow Eamon Loingsigh’s debut novel Light of the Diddicoy was celebrated as a “historical fiction at its best.” And now, we at Three Rooms Press are ecstatic to announce the … Continue reading →

Talking Poetry and Playwriting with Israel Horovitz

Share This! by A Conversation with the Author of Heaven and Other Poems —Constance Renfrow We at Three Rooms Press had a chance to sit down with esteemed poet and playwright Israel Horovitz, author of Heaven and Other Poems, just … Continue reading →

Books, Hollywood History, and the Detective Novel with Aram Saroyan

Share This! by An Interview with the Author of Still Night in L.A. —Constance Renfrow In October 2015, Three Rooms Press is thrilled to release the new detective novel by celebrated poet and true crime author, Aram Saroyan: Still Night … Continue reading →

Getting Literary with Richard Katrovas

Share This! by An Interview with the Author of Raising Girls in Bohemia —Constance Renfrow Good news, everyone! For this month’s author interview, Three Rooms Press is sitting down with poet and essayist Richard Katrovas, author of Raising Girls in … Continue reading →

Mwa ha ha! All Your Ron Dakron Are Ours.

Share This! by An Interview with Ron Dakron —Constance Renfrow Let’s face facts. It’s still winter, no one wants to leave the subtropical climate of their apartment building, and [insert your favorite TV show here] probably just came to a … Continue reading →

Snowstorms, Punk Rock, and Swing State with Michael T. Fournier

Share This! by An Interview with Michael T. Fournier —Constance Renfrow During this most recent Snowpocalypse, Three Rooms Press has livelier things to do than prep for TEOTWAKI. We’re keeping off the streets (like our mayor told us to) with … Continue reading →

LISTEN UP: Author Richard Katrovas featured in New “Father Nation” Podcast

Share This! by Author Richard Katrovas, whose memoir in essays, RAISING GIRLS IN BOHEMIA: Meditations of an American Father, was recently released on Three Rooms Press, is the featured guest of LIFE OF DAD’s FATHER NATION podcast host Jesse Foster. … Continue reading →