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We will be hosting an event at the iconic Spec’s Bar on the 10th of December 2017 for our annual DADA Journal.

121017—DA DO SF 5—San Francisco

6:00-7:30 pm

Spec’s Bar

12 William Saroyan Place, San Francisco, CA 94133


Come to SPECS Bar on Sunday, December 10 at 6 pm as 3RP Co-directors Peter Carlaftes & Kat Georges

present their annual Dada Journal MAINTENANT reading with Bay Area contributors –SF Poets & Legends Jack Hirschman & Neeli Cherkowski plus stalwarts Thomas Stolmar & Richard Stone, and Remarkable East Bay Poets Marc & Suzi Kaplan Olmsted, Carol Dorf, Mara Patricia Hernandez, Palestinian-American Poet & Activist Lorene Zouzounis plus very special guest Galadrielle Allman.

The fun begins at 6 pm. Admission is free. Drinks at the bar. Great performers. And the added and ambiance of Specs Bar. What more could you ask?


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