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NEWSWEEK just released a list of 15 recommended books for fall, and we’re pleased to report that THE OBAMA INHERITANCE: 15 Stories of Conpiracy Noir, edited by award-winning crime write Gary Phillips made the cut.

Check out the full article here.

This book is getting a lot of great press. Booklist raves “This is pulp fiction for the post-Obama era . . . Readers who enjoy political satire in its many varied forms will certainly enjoy this collection.” Publishers Weekly praises it as “Truly excellent!” And Kirkus Reviews calls it “A mash-up of genre fiction!” Here at TRP headquarters, we are excitedly planning for launch parties in Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, D.C., New York, and more!

Intrigued? Try this description, from Victor Lavalle, acclaimed author of The Changeling:
“Wildly inventive, and smarter than the entire GOP combined, The Obama Inheritance is rich with tales to keep a reader up late into the night. Look at this Murderer’s Row of talent! You can’t go wrong. On top of that this book is a hell of a lot of fun.”

Or this one, from editor Gary Phillips’ introduction to the collection:
“This collection is a nod to the Great Depression pulps of the 1930s, portrayals of the odd and the strange, lost worlds and larger than life characters, has a soundtrack by Parliament/Funkadelic and Hendrix, and is inhabited by the sensibilities of the hardboiled and the damned. In The Obama Inheritance: Fifteen Stories of Conspiracy Noir, in an era that might be cast as the depths of the Great Deception, you’ll discover sobering truths amid the fantastic fictions these new pulp stories deliver from the first page on. Can you dig it?”

The book goes on sale October 10 in fine bookstores worldwide. If you don’t see it in your local . . . ASK THEM TO ORDER IT!

Contributors in Alphabetical order:
Eric Beetner
Christopher Chambers
Kate Flora
Adam Lance Garcia
Danny Gardner
L. Scott Jose
Lise McClendon
Walter Mosley
Andrew Nette
Gary Phillips
Travis Richardson
Nisi Shawl
Robert Silverberg
Anthony Neil Smith
Désirée Zamorano

Info on those launch parties coming soon, but if you’re in the LA area, be sure to save-the-date for our Tuesday, October 24th launch at famed African-American bookstore Eso Won!

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