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Beloved scifi Grand Master Robert Silverberg offers 18 fantastic stories–all written in the first-person singular during the course of his writing career–in FIRST-PERSON SINGULARITIES, coming October 31 on Three Rooms Press.

And just read what the advance reviews are saying:

“Silverberg’s science fiction stands head and shoulders above other works in the genre. The short stories in FIRST-PERSON SINGULARITIES are inventive, sublime, and endlessly entertaining. … By any measure, FIRST-PERSON SINGULARITIES is grade-A reading fodder.” —Foreword Reviews (starred review)

“Genre legend Silverberg’s ambition, imagination, versatility, and skill are all in evidence in this superior collection of 18 thought-provoking first-person short stories, which were written over five decades. Time and again, Silverberg sets the bar high for himself and then clears it. . . . This fine retrospective collection is worth any SF reader’s time.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Highly recommended both for Silverberg fans and readers looking to encounter his work for the first time.” ALA Booklist

“The sheer diversity of storylines is nothing short of extraordinary. . . . A singularly unique collection.” Kirkus Reviews

“One of the finest writers science fiction has ever produced, Robert Silverberg’s boundless imagination is on exquisite display in this career-spanning collection. I can say without hyperbole that this book contains some of the best works I have ever read.” —John Joseph Adams, series editor, Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy

Three Rooms Press is giving away five new copies–hot off the press!–on Goodreads. Click the book cover below to enter. Contest ends October 7, 2017.

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First Person Singularities by Robert Silverberg

First Person Singularities

by Robert Silverberg

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