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Close to the Tree by Robert Gibbons

September Backlist Feature: Close to the Tree by Robert Gibbons

In autumn, New York celebrates poetry, and we at Three Rooms Press are proud to have gotten our start in publishing through poetry. To this end, our September Backlist Feature is Close to the Tree, the first full-length poetry collection of the inimitable Robert Gibbons. He writes, “I am as blank / as tissue paper. The cracks in the floors / are my wounds. As if my great- / grandmother’s bones are exhumed / The stairs are reliquary / they creak, not certified.”

Starting September 1, for the entire month, this gorgeous volume will be on sale on our website, at a discounted price of $10 through September 31, 2017.

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Book Details:
Close to the Tree is the first full-length collection of breathtaking, distinctive poetry from ROBERT GIBBONS, which surpasses his goal of commemorating the treasure of all who went before him.

“Robert Gibbons is a masterful poet and wordsmith. His words are eloquent and passionate. He writes in the tradition of ancient griots. His voice is one of the leading voices of this period. Robert Gibbons words are uncompromising, passionate and authentic.” —Lorraine Currelley, The Currelley Literary Journal

“The poetry of Robert Gibbons flows from him like a mighty river. It is powerful, lyrical, strong, and hip. It nourishes the spirit and the mind. He writes the needful praisesongs of a great Black people, and restores to us the memory of our Ancestor/Artists and poets.” —Marc Primus, curator and historian

“Robert Gibbons paints so many different stages of colors in his writing, it becomes an art exhibit. The imagery tantalizes and captivates the mind, it touches the heart and soul.” —Leokadia Durmaj, poet

“Robert Gibbons is an heirloom, the treasure of all those who went before him. There is no better place to be than aboard that runaway train of his when he gets to rolling and singing a song of America.” —Susan Williams, writer

“Robert Gibbons’s poetry is breathtaking in its imagery. His words paint a heart-wrenching canvas and haunt the reader with deeply emotional truth-telling.” —Miriam Hipsh, teacher and writer


Close to the Tree: Poems by Robert Gibbons
Poetry; 72 pages; $15.00
ISBN 978-0988400818 (trade paper)
Publication date: November 7, 2012

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