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The new issue of the trade publication FOREWORD REVIEWS offers an insightful interview by Executive Editor Howard Levy with CELESTIAL MECHANICS author William Least Heat-Moon. The author discusses how his travel nonfiction informed his fiction writing, and how rational thinking and “spirituality” must work together to help humankind reach its highest potential.

In this age of political upheaval, we particularly appreciate the author’s search to broaden the perspective away from the headlines of the day:

This past year or so, it seems we’ve lived in a really stressed-out society. Everybody’s stressed about politics. What can we do to relax?

CELESTIAL MECHANICS, given our current political aura, is a story for its time. Much of our stress, so I believe, derives from failing to see our links with all that is larger than our own limited lives. The deeper we understand how we are citizens of the Universe that brought us into existence, the broader our perception of what’s going on around us, and the deeper our perceptions, the calmer we can spend our days. Perhaps the initial result of seeing ourselves as part of such a broad scope, is to find self reduced. As a witch counselor to Silas tells him, “Divinity of self is a great fraudulence.” And like all fraudulence, the outcome will be disappointment, a feeling of having been cheated. Yet it is we who bring it on ourselves.

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