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Three Rooms Press is thrilled to announce that EXILE ON BRIDGE STREET, the compelling novel at Brooklyn’s early 20th century Irish community by Eamon Loingsigh, has been shortlisted for the 2016 Langum Prize in American Historical Fiction.

The announcement was made by the Langum Trust early Monday. The winner and finalist will be announced in about a month. The complete shortlist is available here.

The David J. Langum, Sr. Prize in American Historical Fiction is offered annually to the best book in American historical fiction that is both excellent fiction and excellent history. The prize was established to encourage and reward excellent American historical fiction in an effort to make the rich history of America accessible to the educated general reader.

EXILE ON BRIDGE STREET, set in 1916, explores teenage Irish immigrant Liam Garrity struggles to survive on his own in Brooklyn, while his family back in Ireland faces reprisals during the violence of the Easter Rising. With taut writing by a master of historical fiction, EXILE relates Liam’s compelling personal story against a background of NYC’s brawling streets, Brooklyn Irish waterfront gangs, an influenza epidemic, the rest of Italian organized crime, and the start of American involvement in World War I. The followup to LIGHT OF THE DIDDICOY, Loingsigh continues a story that has been hidden until now.

The book is available from the Three Rooms Press online store, or from:

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