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The reviews are in and the Fall 2016 season at Three Rooms Press is a critical success! Readers and critics alike love Crime + Music, This Way to the End Times, and Exile on Bridge Street, and we’re bursting with pride! Check out what reviewers have to say about our book babies:

CRIME + MUSIC: Twenty Stories of Music-Themed Noir
Edited by Jim Fusilli 

“ A vibrant emotional connection with verve and creativity. . . . There’s plenty here to chew on for fans of rock-and-roll and crime fiction.” —THE WASHINGTON POST

“ Hits the mark . . . superb collection!” —LIBRARY JOURNAL

“ A strong lineup of talent . . . hilarious . . . exciting!” — ALA BOOKLIST

“ This is a collection that rocks!” —REVIEWING THE EVIDENCE

“ The stories are little gems.” —DEADLY PLEASURES

“ A genius hook for a crime anthology.” —SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW

THIS WAY TO THE END TIMES: Classic Tales of the Apocalypse 
Edited by Robert Silverberg 

“Twenty-one exceptional tales of Earth’s devastation and humans’ inventive, and often ironically self-destructive, ways of surviving . . . Stunning stories.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, STARRED REVIEW!!

“With its range of contributors, this is a much needed volume that will both satisfy the high demand for apocalyptic tales and remind readers of the actual breadth and depth of this literature of the end of the world.” —ALA BOOKLIST, STARRED REVIEW!!

“The variety of ways in which these stories choose to end the world offers a great deal—nightmarish, funny, lonely, or hopeful—for the imagination. Wonderfully written, surprisingly varied apocalyptic tales.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Science fiction legend Robert Silverberg has picked the best of the very best stories for this volume. Absolute gold, from first word to last gasp!” — JONATHAN MABERRY, New York Times Bestselling author of Mars One and Kill Switch

By Eamon Loingsigh

“Loingsigh has an urgent story to tell. And he tells it well. . . . Loingsigh’s great strength is his unsentimental take on the immigrant experience . . . Exile on Bridge Street should be required reading for those who rail about how today’s immigrants “refuse to assimilate.” —THE BROOKLYN RAIL

“On the surface, Loingsigh’s book mines Brooklyn’s gory and glorious Irish past. But it is also the quintessential read for 21st century Brooklyn.” —IRISH CENTRAL

“Recreates the forgotten world of Irish immigrant New York with a combination of accuracy and drama found only in the best historical fiction.” — TYLER ANBINDER, Professor of History, George Washington University; author, Five Points

“A century following the first and until now last great novel of the Brooklyn waterfront, Ernest Poole’s The Harbor, Eamon Loingsigh offers this gripping tale, soaked in the Irish immigrant dockworker experience.” —JAMES T. FISHER, author, On the Irish Waterfront

Ready to pick up your copies of our Fall 2016 list? We’re on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on the shelves of your local bookstore! Already read ’em? Leave a review and tell us what you think on Amazon and Goodreads!

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