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Be a part of Three Rooms Press’  internationally-renowned journal Maintenant: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art.  Our journal is inspired by DaDa instigator and Three Rooms Press spiritual advisor Arthur Cravan — who created the very first ‘zine in the world with his early 20th century publication Maintenant and we’re proud to carry on the tradition. In past issues, we have published bold work from Neo-Dadaists around the globe. We are honored to be included in the New York Museum of Modern Art archives, as well museums and galleries worldwide. So … drumroll, please.:


DETAILS: DETAILS: The theme of MAINTENANT 11 will be EYE FOR A LIE: encompassing artists’ and writers’ exposing a lie within the system of themselves. We are all part of that same system and we all are vessels to carry on the lie and it is the artists’ and writers’ duty to expose a lie not for what it’s worth but at ALL costs. Point the reader to a lie that they can see through or place another lie between two more lies. The more lies you expose the better. The”tit for tat” philosophy has taken us to this point. Let us Expose a lie and then Expose it even more. Let’s all OUTDO each other exposing Lies.

All submissions must be received by
20 JANUARY 2017 11:59 AM EST
one minute before the new
US President is sworn in

We LOVE Dada-inspired poetic word art, collage and photography. All art must be submitted in jpeg, gif or png format, high resolution (300 dpi, 4×5 in). If you are submitted a text file, please do NOT try to send in .docx format. Save it as a .doc file and this should work (there seems to be a bug in the form program that will not allow .docx files this year — sorry! This year we will be printing in full COLOR. Please consider submitting either color or black-and-white images on the theme of EYE FOR A LIE. If you are submitting a written piece–poetry or prose–it should be no longer than 25 lines on the theme of EYE FOR A LIE.

Maintenant 11 will be published in June 2017, with themed launch event(s) in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Europe. Stay tuned for details.

Fill in this form and upload your writing or art. We’ll be making our decisions in February and March. NOTE: File size must be 10 MB or less; no exceptions. Also, you must fill in ALL required fields. Good luck.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: At this time we cannot accept Word docx files. Please resave any Word docx files as doc files (you can do this in Word by using “Save As” and choosing “doc” instead of “docx”), the resubmit. Thanks for your patience as we continue to work to get this issue resolved.

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I agree to the following:
I (the submitter of this work, hereinafter referred to as "Author/Artist") hereby grant Three Rooms Press the right to use this submission in their publication, "MAINTENANT 11," if they choose to accept said piece. If this piece is not accepted for publication in MAINTENANT 11, all rights immediately revert back to the Author/Artist and Three Rooms Press cannot use this submission in any other form in any other publication. Upon acceptance, the Author/Artist hereby grants Three Rooms Press (the "Publisher") the non-exclusive and irrevocable right and permission to use and to publish the material described below (the “Contribution”), in any and all editions of the book presently entitled “MAINTENANT 11” (the "Work") and in any and all derivative works based thereon published or distributed throughout the world, in any and all languages, formats and media, and in any and all promotions or advertising for the Work or derivative works, and in the exploitation of any subsidiary rights, including but not limited to first serial publication and second serial publication. The rights granted under above shall be shared by Publisher and the Author/Artist non-exclusively, insofar as the Author/Artist may thereafter publish or authorize publication of the Contribution elsewhere, provided, however, that for a period of one (1) year following first publication of the Work in the United States, the Author/Artist shall not publish or authorize publication of the Contribution to the Work in any other general book form anthology.
The Author/Artist hereby represents that the Author/Artist has the right to grant the permission requested and that the material does not infringe upon the copyright or other rights of third parties. The Author/Artist hereby agrees to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless the Author and Publisher from any all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the material, including (but no by way of limitation) to any and all claims for copyright, libel or invasion of privacy. This authorization and release shall also inure to the benefit of the legal representatives of the Author and Publisher, its parent company, subsidiaries, licensees and assignees.

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