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Today’s Irish Central offers a strong endorsement of Eamon Loingsigh’s forthcoming novel EXILE ON BRIDGE STREET:

This month, we get Exile on Bridge Street from Brooklyn novelist Eamon Loingsigh. The book, a follow-up to his previous gripping novel The Light of the Diddicoy, is set on the rough-and-tumble streets in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge, where Irish and Italian immigrants fight fiercely for control of the docks and all the jobs and money that comes with that control.

At the center of the struggle is Irish immigrant Liam McGarrity, who has trouble on both of the Atlantic. Back in Ireland, his family is caught up in the whirlwind of the Easter Rising.

On the surface, Loingsigh’s book mines Brooklyn’s gory and glorious Irish past. But it is also the quintessential read for 21st century Brooklyn.


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