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Raising Girls in Bohemia by Richard Katrovas

Raising Girls in Bohemia
by Richard Katrovas

Richard Katrovas’ remarkable “memoir in essays,” RAISING GIRLS IN BOHEMIA, received more critical praise today from the San Francisco Book Review, in a rave critique by Kasey Beduhn. The complete review is available here.

“Katrovas’ memoir in essays is so neatly woven, that the occasional jumps in time embrace rather than lose the reader, and also contribute to the feel of a natural and evolving conversation. Likewise, his decision to intermix terms that could be found on a SAT or ACT test with common slang aptly portray atypical situations in such a way that they seem simultaneously familiar and foreign. . . His personal reflections are superb. Readers will root for Katrovas’ efforts to ensure his daughters feel native to both of their parents’ home countries.”


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