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Swing Statea novelby Michael T. Fournier

Swing State
a novel
by Michael T. Fournier

Michael T. Fournier’s neo-classic novel of hard lives in rural New Hampshire garnered a major boost today in the new issue FOREWORD REVIEWS, in a killer review by Sheila M. Trask.

Here are just a couple of excerpts of this excellent review, that unleashes a torrent of high praise:

“Pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps is the American way. But what if you can’t? What if those straps fall too short, or fall off completely? Michael T. Fournier takes a singularly unflinching look at just this situation in SWING STATE, a brisk yet bleak novel that gets into the heads of three distinct characters facing the grim realities of an economic recession in rural New England. Fournier presents each with a startlingly unique voice yet succeeds in showing that they face the same challenges in trying to get out of a town that seems determined to hold them down.”

“Fournier pulls no punches with SWING STATE—it’s a world where every step forward means two steps back. Few readers will expect a happy ending, though many may be surprised by the way the three stories ultimately merge. By making his characters simultaneously distinctive and authentic, Fournier ensures that readers carry on until the end and that they walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to get there.”

Check out the full review here. SWING STATE is available for purchase directly from Three Rooms Press. Click on the button below:

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