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Exciting news at Three Rooms Press! Sneak previews for our upcoming titles are going up on Amazon! Check out their Look Inside feature for a sampling of these incredible works (and the fruits of our labor!).

For your reading pleasure . . .

Raising Girls in Bohemia
Richard Katrovas’s provocative essay collection chronicling the life of an American father raising three perfectly bilingual, culturally bifurcated, Czech-American daughters.

Heaven and Other Poems
Israel Horovitz’s tour-de-force of emotion, empathy, and deep, melancholic beauty, Heaven and Other Poems is a stunning collection of work crafted over a lifetime.

Hello Devilfish!
Hello Devilfish!, by Ron Dakron, is a Manglish-spiced, first-fish account of a giant blue Japanese movie monster stingray’s attack on contemporary Tokyo and his tragic morph into human form—and underneath, is a stinging critique of contemporary culture and mainstream literature told by a master of satire. A must-read!

Swing State: A Novel
With an unflinching eye, novelist Michael T. Founier lays bare the dim dreams and raw existence of the lives of three residents of Armbrister, New Hampshire, who share the same goal: Get out. Faced with grim prospects, the intersection of bullying and terrorism blurs, with disastrous consequences in this deftly woven tale.

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