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LOUDMOUTH: A Novel by Robert Duncan

“A sonic wail of a tale about the youthful beginnings of one of the Mount Rushmore ‘heads’ of rock ‘n’ roll journalism. I loved it.” —Joel Gion, musician, Brian Jonestown Massacre

“Read this book immediately if you like truth, drugs, generation gaps, guitars, and lifelong quests for freedom and kicks.” —Craig Finn, singer/songwriter, The Hold Steady

Thomas Ransom is not the first of his generation to imagine rock ’n’ roll as a way out. But he takes it to the extreme.

At 18, he becomes an outrageous singer in seventies’ New York. A couple years later, he finds himself editor of the scrappy Detroit magazine that invented punk. All this, despite being raised in an unreconstructed Southern family ferociously determined to make him something else.Inspired by the author’s experience as a musician and former editor of Creem, LOUDMOUTH tracks an impassioned young seeker finding his way among the punks, hippies, and wild geniuses of rock when music was the center of the world. With echoes of Almost Famous and Just Kids, LOUDMOUTH is a novel about growing up while falling down. READ MORE

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SCAVENGER: A Mystery by Christopher Chambers

“Chris Chambers has created a wholly original character that exists in a world at once familiar but startlingly brutal.”  —S. A. Cosby author, My Darkest Prayer and Blacktop Wasteland

“Literary cinema verite, Chambers delivers a sly, slick and twisty hardcore mystery well worth the read.” —Gary Phillips, author, Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem

“Chambers comes out of the box swinging hard in this fast-moving, down-and-dirty crime novel that kicks up the tarp on the sleazy, duplicitous, double-dealing underbelly of our nation’s capital. . . . Two thumbs up for Chambers!” —Tracy Clark, author of Borrowed Time, winner of the G.P. Putnam’s Sons Sue Grafton Memorial Award

Dickie Cornish, a street-wise neophyte Black sleuth, must learn to navigate a high stakes game of greed, deceit, and murder in a perilous Washington, D.C. world of unscrupulous politicians and desperate street hustlers where everything is on the line.

In SCAVENGER, the forthcoming novel from Christopher Chambers (A Prayer for Deliverance and Sympathy for the Devil) street-wise survivor Dickie Cornish lives in a homeless camp near the Smithsonian’s Museum of National History. Addled by the K2 and liquor he prays will blunt the pain of a harsh winter, he endures the cruelty of Donald Trump’s capital and ongoing nightmares from his youth. He makes a few dollars a day turning the possessions of evicted tenants into curb flotsam, scavenging what he can from the wreckage of other lives to save his. On one expedition Dickie gets lucky as he uncovers a treasure in the trash of a wealthy ex-Homeland Security Secretary, Jamie Bracht. But his joy is short-lived, when he simultaneously finds out that two of his friends who escaped the shelters for a decent life have been murdered. In fury, he attacks the local cops, lands in jail, then is plucked out by Bracht, who has a job for him: find a woman using the sub-level network of the streets and the underground world of undocumented immigrants. In return, Bracht promises Dickie a fresh, clean start at a new life.  READ MORE

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THE DOOR TO INFERNA: An Elkloria Novel by Rishab Borah

“The imagery is vivid and elaborate . . . . A complex debut that shows promise.” Kirkus Reviews

“Rishab Borah’s brisk, inventive storytelling channels a coming-of-age tale that dazzles like lightning.” —Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, author, When the Blue Shift Comes

Fourteen-year-old Khioneus Nevula is beginning to realize something strange is going on. Adopted from unknown parentage, he has always been marked as different by his purple eyes.

Now a winter break that should have been nothing but goofing around with his best friends is haunted by some other presence—ghostly apparitions appear to him in the dark of night, the surface of his mirror ripples like a pool of water, and he dreams of a girl with a long blue braid who invents fantastical devices.

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RAY BY RAY: A Daughter’s Take on the Legend of Nicholas Ray, by Nicca Ray

Ray by Ray

Ray by Ray

“Nicholas Ray invented the meme of teenage anguish. His daughter Nicca lived it. The first miracle is that she survived. The second is that she created this beautiful, heart-breaking book, in which she maps the intersecting arcs of her life and her father’s, creating a dazzling geometry of self-creation and self-destruction.” —Peter Trachtenberg, author of 7 Tattoos and Another Insane Devotion

Nicholas Ray was cinema. He was an innovator, and as director of such classic as Rebel Without a Cause he was a force that dramatically changed the Hollywood landscape. He was also Nicca Ray’s dad, Nick. After he disappeared from her life in 1964, Nicca began to imagine her father as a hero who would return and whisk her away from a life in LA where she never felt safe. However, the man who reappeared in 1974 was not the legendary figure she dreamed of. Through his movies and letters along with her intimate interviews of family members and Hollywood icons, Nicca stitches together the seemingly disparate pieces of the real Nicholas Ray. A man so devoted to his craft he insisted on spending the last hours of his life surrounded by a film crew. A man who lost everything to drugs and gambling. An absentee father she longed for connection with. Both well-researched and deeply personal, Ray by Ray: A Daughter’s Take on the Legend of Nicholas Ray unravels the lives entangled in Nick’s, including those of Gloria Grahame, Dennis Hopper, John Houseman, and the Ray family itself. Nicca tracks her father’s whereabouts during the ten years he was missing from her life and works to reconcile his artistry with his persona. In discovering the truth about her father, she navigates her own path beyond the shadows cast by the Golden Age of Hollywood and into her own life. An essential new perspective on Nicholas Ray, Ray by Ray redefines this legendary figure through the eyes of a daughter searching for her father. READ MORE

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THE FAKING OF THE PRESIDENT: Nineteen Stories of White House Noir, edited by Peter Carlaftes

The Faking of the President

“19 speculative stories in this highly entertaining anthology show U.S. presidents behaving badly, some with the same impunity as the current occupant of the White House…. Fans of alternate history will have fun. This is the perfect diversion” —Publishers Weekly

The Faking of the President is a wild, rollicking ride through the corridors of power both past and present. These stories are dark, humorous and thoughtful; they take the presidency and its environs and turn it into a fun house of noirish story-telling. Get this book and read it … to help keep your head on straight.” —T. J. English, New York Times Best Selling author of Havana Nocturne and The Westies

What would the White House be like if U.S. Presidents of the past were not restricted by the time-honored hallmarks and traditional behavior of the office, leaving them free to do whatever they wanted, anytime and anywhere? THE FAKING OF THE PRESIDENT: Nineteen Stories of White House Noir pulls back the curtain on the “new norm” for America’s highest office, with a collection of bizarre new stories by a diverse group of renowned authors that take readers across the chasm of reality into an alternate universe—where Nixon takes a wacky psychedelic trip with Elvis Presley; where a time-traveling renegade targets members of the George Bush administration with disastrous results; where a spy seizes a sudden opportunity for power after Woodrow Wilson’s stroke. The stories are outlandish—but when it comes to the White House of today—strange behavior and kinky, zany antics are no longer implausible.

The line-up of award-winning authors includes Eric Beetner, Peter Carlaftes, Christopher ChambersSarah M. Chen, Angel Luis Colon, S. A. Cosby, Nikki Dolson, Mary Anna Evans, Kate Flora, Adam Lance Garcia, Danny Gardner, Alison Gaylin, Greg Herren, Gary Phillips, Travis Richardson, S. J. Rozan, Alex Segura, Abby Vandiver, and Erica Wright. READ MORE

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Maintenant 14:

A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art

edited by Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges



Dada was born as an artistic protest. An unfettered reclamation of the trenches flowing blood. Along came influenza which couldn’t choose sides. And now‚ here we sit in isolation—100 years later—still creating. Revolutionaries facing a new form of plague accompanied by demagogic projections.

Today’s war is for the survival of the planet. In Maintenant 14: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art, the weapon of choice is Dada. Today, everyone in the world is affected by the growing impact of climate change, pollution, plastics, and lack of sustainability. The 2020 edition of the premiere journal of contemporary dada writing and art confronts the situation with a bold and rebellious collection of work that shows the absurdity of continuing the practices that have taken earth to the precipice of extinction. Using the theme “UN-SUSTAIN-A-BULL-SH*T” Maintenant 14 creators turn poetry and art into weapons that expose, confront, and lambast policies that have taken the planet to tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse. The premiere journal gathering the work of internationally-renowned contemporary Dada artists and writers, Maintenant 14 offers compelling proof that Dada continues to serve as a catalyst to creators more than a century later. Each page in this journal is a physical conviction. Each spread relates an intimate correspondence. The entire volume is a familial tree of leaves and shapes and buds of thoughts to be. Our theme might be UN-SUSTAIN-A-BULL-SH*T, but here as one soul, the moment is sustainable. READ MORE

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DISASTERAMA!: Adventures in the Queer Underground 1977-1997

by Alvin Orloff

with an introduction by Alexander Chee



Disasterama takes us deep into the 80s and the daily creative resistance that saved the culture’s soul during the plague years.” —Michelle Tea, Against Memoir and Modern Tarot.

“No one is cooler than Alvin Orloff, and Disasterama! proves it.” —Andrea Lawlor, Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl

“A darkly funny memoir depicting SF’s Queer Underground during the height of the AIDS Crisis when we were young, angry and horny as hell!” –Justin Vivian Bond, Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels.

“This book in your hands is one you could say I’ve waited for, and I’m not alone.” from the introduction by Alexander Chee, How to Write an Autobiographical Novel.

DISASTERAMA! Adventures in the Queer Underground 1977–1997, is the true story of Alvin Orloff who, as a shy kid from the suburbs of San Francisco, stumbled into the wild, eclectic crowd of Crazy Club Kids, Punk Rock Nutters, Goofy Goofballs, Fashion Victims, Disco Dollies, Happy Hustlers, and Dizzy Twinks of post-Stonewall American queer culture of the late 1970s, only to see the “subterranean lavender twilit shadow world of the gay ghetto” ravaged by AIDS. READ MORE

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WOMENTALITY: Thirteen Empowering Stories by Everyday Women Who Said Goodbye to the Workplace and Hello to Their Lives

edited by Erin Wildermuth


“A stellar collection of stories from women around the globe who bucked nine-to-five jobs to go into business for themselves….This inspiring collection makes a strong case for how women can design their work lives to meet both personal and professional needs.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Get out your pen and paper and prepare to take notes on Erin Wildermuth’s short volume WOMENTALITY, a collection of stories from thirteen women who abandoned the traditional workplace and reclaimed the reins to their lives.” –Foreword Reviews, Lit Hit: Indie Books That’ll Blow You Away

“In the future, people will be able to work from any location, at any time, and live life completely on their own terms. What if the future is now?” —Booklist

Introducing a collection of powerful, personal essays by enterprising women from around the world who came to the same realization: work shouldn’t have to be painful and demeaning. Armed with an internet connection and plenty of creativity and ingenuity, they prove that it is possible to redefine the 9-to-5 work paradigm and create a flourishing career that is flexible and fulfilling outside the corporate structure. READ MORE

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ALIEN ARCHIVES: Eighteen Stories of Extraterrestrial Encounters

by Robert Silverberg

Alien Archives

“Reaching back to the beginning of his career, SFWA Grand Master Silverberg collects 18 stories featuring alien encounters, some fond and some fearful. . . Silverberg fans and readers interested in the history of SF will find this worthwhile.”
Publishers Weekly

“The latest in a series of Silverberg’s collections from Three Rooms Press focuses on stories about alien–human encounters, ranging from the deadly to the benign … Alien Archives still shows that Silverberg’s reputation as a skilled storyteller is well-deserved; it is still worth a look for those interested in a sampling of the SF Grandmaster’s prolific short story work.”

“Proving that human beings are sometimes the most alien creatures of all, Alien Archives is a delight for anyone who still wants to believe.” —Foreword Reviews

Aliens in all shapes and sizes—some fearsome, some outlandish, and some just plain fun—fill the pages of these hand-picked classic stories by sci-fi grand master Robert Silverberg, each featuring a new introduction by the acclaimed author. READ MORE

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by Aaron Hamburger

Nirvana is Here

“In language that’s both understated and visceral, Hamburger skillfully distills those moments when his characters experience crucial identity shifts, not just in wild, foreign encounters but more often while eating, bathing, and tending to the animal needs of love and safety that link us all.” Booklist

“A beautiful, sad, coming-of-age story that is a heartily welcome addition to the LGBTQ pantheon.” I Like to Read Reviews

“The delicacy and observational wit of Aaron Hamburger’s prose are a marvel.” Louis Bayard, author, Courting Mr. Lincoln

Have you ever searched for your high school crush online?

For Ari Silverman, the past has never really passed. After 20 years, the trauma from a childhood assault resurfaces as he grapples with the fate of his ex-husband, a colleague accused of sexually harassing a student. To gain perspective, Ari arranges to reconnect with his high school crush, Justin Jackson, a bold step which forces him to reflect on their relationship in the segregated suburbs of Detroit during the 1990s and the secrets they still share. READ MORE

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by Aimee Herman

Everything Grows

“Page-turning prose…with great beauty.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A revelation, slowly unfolding to a shape that is vulnerable, raw and beautifully alive.” Max Valerio, author, The Testosterone Files

“The grace, honesty, and bravery with which [Herman] addresses issues that many won’t touch with a ten-foot pole will shake you to the core.” Lily Rex, Blotterature

Fifteen-year-old Eleanor Fromme just chopped off all of her hair. How else should she cope after hearing that her bully, James, has committed suicide?

When Eleanor’s English teacher suggests students write letters they’ll never send, Eleanor writers to James. With each letter she writes, Eleanor discovers more about herself, even while trying to make sense of his death. And, with the help of a unique cast of characters, Eleanor not only learns what it means to be inside a body that does not quite match what she feels on the inside, but also comes to terms with her own mother’s mental illness. READ MORE

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